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2 high – getter lyrics


[verse 1: $crim]
indica, purple kush seeping out my lungs tonight
sirens sound, f-ck the 12, f-ck the feds i merk on sight
molly water, xanax bars, welcome to my house of horrors
cocaine, nose drain, get my dope straight from the border
torture torture [?]
got a 6 but i’m no drizzy, daughter slaughter holy water [?]
choppa city, 5-1-50, cut dope with the infrared
[?] till i am through
think i’m too high, well b-tch f-ck you

[verse 2: ruby]
i’m just another paris out the paradise
i shed the lies we all tear ourselves every night
im nothing special i got my devils locked in a kennel every settle i’mma sell em and [?] everyday
ruby got a

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