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2 fux – ace hood lyrics


(renegade, renegade, renegade)

uh, i wake up every mornin’, thank god, then i gotta get to it
i never had a role model, money was the only influence
while they was talkin’ ’bout it in the city, i was really out doin’ it
hundred bandsm i was 19 and the man, i knew it, okay
that’s around the time i shine, had these n-gg-s all hatin’
same time i was grindin,’ same time i was patient
you was standin’ with your hand out waitin’, yeah yeah
i’ma keep it real, how it feel? i don’t give 2 f-cks
count another bag on the road, i could never get enough
they wanna hang when i’m on, where they were when the sh-t got tough?
and what a n-gg- think about me? i don’t give 2 f-cks
you don’t pay my bills, you don’t feed my kids, your opinion don’t matter
my pockets still gettin’ fatter
god d-mn and the last time i looked in the mirror, i was starin’ at a real one
and f-ck makin’ friends, where the ends at? ’cause all my dogs need a million
i don’t give a f-ck about poppin’ no bottles in the club
i’m focused on the money, i ain’t never goin’ back the way i was
a lot of people asked why i drive it here then it get missin’
sorry to my fans, i’ll be way more consistent
haters get the middle finger, lord be the witness, listen
got a crib out west in the spot out in cali, where i from it when i touch down
fired my old jeweler, went and got a new jeweler, made him [?] down
i thinks it’s funny how they wanna be down, all of a sudden young n-gg- gettin’ up now
yeah, king of the city, n-gg-, king of the state, turn beast when the sun down
i’m just really havin’ fun now
funny how that slick talk minimize when ya boy ’round
i just landed in the uk, in a suite with a pretty little freak sippin’ d’ussé
murda, murda in the booth, ayy
i’m a k!ller on the beat, increasin’ the crime rate
i need a mill, not an entrée
i need a jay, no beyoncé
smokin’ like a choo train
showin’ n-gg-s how to do things
boys bitin’ on the flow, i changed up like a mood ring
young n-gg- with a new flame
don’t compare me to no mane
top of the food chain, uh

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