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2 chiens, 1 os – plume latraverse lyrics


yo bret, sean, muggs
let’s rock this one for the east
na, na, na, na, na, na
na, na, na, na, na
grandmixer muggs, bret e. and sean e.b.
your city needs your voice most definitely
to keep the party pumping like the heart of a tiger
grandmixer is the earth, sean the air, bret the fire
combination of the elements, we’re universal
because we’re getting paid saying we’re commercial
but accept the fact that we’re a household appliance
muggs adds the scratch, we drop the science
think that i’m lying? listen to it in your room
you’ll notice that it’s pumping with a definite boom
and let me tell you, i’m sure to convince
because it’s one 1/2 bouldin y’all and the other 1/2 ince
whip mc’s, don’t try to criticize
step to me yo, and i will victimize
showing no sympathy, you know what i will be
behold my lyrics, yo, and now you pray to me
in astonishment, you come and compliment
back to the drawing board yo, cause you’re irrelevant
write a rhyme, you’re trying to catch me
climbing the barriers of conquer mc
so you make it and return to find
i’m still a step ahead so hit the back of the line
if we meet again it will be our last ’bout
strike one, strike two, third strike you’re out
your posse roll up, i won’t even clinch
’cause it’s one 1/2 bouldin y’all and the other 1/2 ince
charles earnest bouldin’, sandra [unverified] ince
produced two rhyme creators who been rocking ever since
birth and you know from the time we were born
to expect success the minds were strong
raised on linden, building one, 570
as you already know apartment 7a
for all you scroungy suckers whose minds are dense
my father’s last name bouldin, my mother’s maiden name ince
last name bouldin and my first name’s bret
don’t walk on me, boy, ’cause you pose no threat
to bret e.b. speaking words of a prophet
peace is my answer, violence we should stop it
took a trip to mexicali, threw on my sombrero
kicking it in a ’68 camarro
red and convertible, cause that’s my style
got a girl in every seat, i’m feeling kinda wild
always talking knowledge with a touch of intellect
and every time you hear the voice the name you shall respect
so yo, and let me tell you just how i live
i gets you in the mood, make you all festive
walk on me, boy, nothing to it but to do it
had to think about it? yo, then pursue it
i am the engine and you are the kaboost
and if you were a sneak i’d be a mongoose
’cause i am the king, sean is the prince
and it’s one 1/2 bouldin y’all and the other 1/2 ince

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