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2 birds with one stone (zade and onemanband diss) – marriedtothegame lyrics


you know, i never wanted to be in this beef, until these p-ssy -ss cowards tried to stop our posse
onemanband, my little wittle stan
man, this guy’s got a terrible diss plan

[verse 1]
you’re a one man band because no one wants to join you
little f-cking f-ggot, even your own squad hates you
you were dissin for attention, not me, and you’re still irrelevant
eat your own words, boy, you’re out of your element
you want your name mentioned but truthfully no one gives a sh-t
but i’m a sympathetic thug, that’s why i mentioned you for a little bit
you’re a coward, pathetic, your claim to fame’s your pink name
the most abusive and power hungry med, you make all pink named people feel ashamed
get the f-ck outta this beef unless you want an fat l
“married, zade dissed us man!” you were saved by the bell, b-tch
[verse 2]
h-ll yeah, h-ll was unleashed when our names were mentioned
now it’s fullblown carnage, time to trap your -ss in detention
eat your own words b-tch, i’m bout to turn shaolin land to dust
there’s an uncontrollable hunger in me, i’m full of bloodl-st
too afraid to say my name, zade? i killed terrence and phillips
your chefs gave me a sh-t appetizer, what will you give me? a measly skillet?
you aren’t better than them, so you suck on shaolin’s d-ck
hoping he’ll give you med, even though your current ranking won’t stick
you’ll go back to being a white hat, while nas tells me i will prevail
steal the rank of scopey and shaolin, while you’re rotting in h-ll
72 bars doesn’t put a halt to me, go back to stripping for shaolin, your insults are wack to me
there’s a reason your birth certificate was an apology from the condom factory!
just like allcaps and shaolin too, you have more than one thing in common now, which was being a fool
i’m a product of the streets, while your parents buy you a bunch of products of prada
go back to popping pills and p-ssing yourself because you know you can’t beat me, f-cka
i hustled to survive, i’m filled with too much energy
now i got these enemies tryna drain it from me
shoutout to champagne papi, i started from the bottom and you started with your parents money
i’ve already spit 29 bars and your career’s over, sorry honey!
we’re like drake while you’re joe budden
you made a lyrical miracle sh-t diss and you still aren’t buzzin
32 bars is all it took for me to end you
it took 72 for you to end jc and the rest of my crew
go back to iq whoring, it’s the only thing you’re good at
this fight isn’t over, chef’s still in shambles, f-ck off -sshat
you’ve broken this treaty, you can make no amends
the only good beat you’ve ever laid was on your girlfriend

haha! freestyled half this sh-t! f-ck onemanband! f-ck zade! woo!

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