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2 am – ntrlmusic lyrics



it’s getting late
ever since he left you
you ain’t been the same
i see it in your eyes
i feel your pain
i know it’s hard to trust me baby
it’s okay
don’t worry
ain’t n-body gon hurt you like he did
no hurry
all we got is sun
baby no rushin’
it’s just you and i
you ain’t gotta stress about n-body else
n-body else
[verse 1]

put down the phone
take a few hits baby
get in that zone
you’re not alone
i’m up there with you
we both gettin gone
just close your eyes
lay back and relax shorty and enjoy the ride
look at the time d-mn
its h-lla late you should just spend the night
i got enough smoke for the both us
got a couple bottles we can pour it up
but that’s only if you spend the night
girl spend the night with me
girl spend the night with me
with me


it’s 2 am and my minds on you
rolling up another backwood
i been telling you to cone through
you said tonight you don’t care what we do
and you got ex man blowing up your phone all night
wondering if i could ever make things right
you ain’t got to worry about him tonight
light up the blunt, baby just get high with me
just get high with me
baby won’t you just get high with me
we gon be alright, tonight, if you just get high with me
just get high with me
get high with me

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